Staff Members


Jacob is the founder and owner of Darksteel Games. The creator and lead GM of Lost Eidolons and Occam's Razor, Jacob believes that easy wins aren't satisfying, that Clark Ashton Smith is the true (unappreciated) master of cosmic horror, and that a strong and supportive community that fosters the safety and dignity of all members is a vital component of any game worth its salt.

Apparently he resides with a swamp demon, a non-euclidean cat, and a rare crested batpig.


A swamp demon in a human suit, Katie spends most of her time with her nose buried in books and her head in the clouds. She loves video games, good scotch, and fine cheeses. When she is not striving to use the lens of communal storytelling to explore the many facets of human emotion, you may likely find her composing inappropriate poetry, or engaging in musical shenanigans.

Katie lives with a many-toed feline, a batpig, and her amazing partner, The Eldritch Horror, in an apartment full of her crafting catastrophes (or as she prefers to call them "works in progress”).


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Something something robots.

(Supplementary Notation Provided by Fellow Staff: Skye is an incredibly talented crafter and routinely makes award-winning weapons and armor. Skye staffed Occam’s Razor, and is the owner and driving force behind Stellar Front. He once “won larping” when he ran an encounter involving kaiju. Note that that is a direct quote from a player with decades of larping experience, not something Skye would ever say.)


Three parts hypervigilant, one part bumbling. Harkens from a northern land of feral warrior beasts, living stuffed animals, and really tall dudes. A lifetime roleplayer and storyteller. Watches and draws way too many cartoons. Probably doing something insufferably artsy when she isn’t sucked into a video game. Partakes in a refreshing glass of player tears from time to time, preferably at room temperature. Is probably cold, right this second, wherever she is. Wants to tell you about sports anime.

Junior Staff Members


Paulina is a Demigoddess risen from the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, along the gentle curve of the Macedonian mountains. The Gods were kinder to her than they were to Pandora and gifted her with sass, creativity, and mad makeup skillz. Mad makeup skillz that have her often saying ‘At least I am using my BFA for somethin’.’ She also staffs for INK Larp, has written for Fifth Gate, and looks forward to providing many players with phantasmagorical adventures. Many a GM have said to her, ‘Give ‘em the Feels,’ to which she happily obliges. She can be vengeful, but only if you really deserve it. Take care to note the lightning in her eyes when an idea comes to life in that strange mind of hers and hold on for the ride.


Still a Larping newb in many ways, Junior staff member Vespa is excited and nervous for her first time as part of a game staff. Coming from a background of theater and cosplay, Vespa feels she's found a fit in the Larping community and is looking forward to seeing what she can bring to the table in Hellcat.


Totally-real-human and not-at-all-robot Michael is coming to you live in the skies, broadcasting from a secret bunker just outside conventional reality and bringing you shenanigans, flight plans, toggle switches, and improbably impromptu incidents of inimitable intrigue.


A fun-sized frost giant with an extensive background in tabletop gaming, roleplay, fiction writing, and theatre. This jotun runt burgeons with a desire to weave the darkest threads of PC backstory into insidious tapestries of morally dubious but necessary choices. He finds the most challenging games--emotionally and strategically--to be the most immersive. As such, he intends to wage war on feelings as much as the battlefield.