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Hellcat Jive Beta Rules to Chi Rules Change Log:

  • Lifeblood and Wounded. Characters now only gain the Wounded trait when they fall Unconscious from losing their last point of Lifeblood, rather than taking any Lifeblood Damage. Essentially: you only become Wounded when you fall down.
  • Moxie Skills are now Perks and are therefore free.
  • Slabs now have the Haunted trait as part of their Natures. Skills which said "to Haunted or Slab" now simply say "to Haunted."
  • True Grit now costs 3 CP per level instead of 2.
  • Stay With Me Buddy: Text has now changed to read "You may touchcast “Diagnose Stable.” You may also touchcast “Beginning First Aid” on a Resting target. After 1 minute of Focus as administering medical attention (badly) you may call “Stabilize and Stricken by Bleeding.” Note: this does not Inflict the target with the Bleeding trait."
  • Dead Flesh: Text has changed to " If you take Damage and fall Unconscious and Stable, after 5 minutes you will become Conscious with full Lifeblood and without the Wounded trait."
  • Heavy Weapons: Wording added in Heavy Weapons Use to emphasize that you take a Short Root whenever you fire a Heavy Weapon. This must be Rested off normally (10 seconds of Rest, as it is Short).
  • Eldritch Bolts: Clarified that you cannot recast the imbuing ritual while you still have packets from a previous casting of the ritual.
  • Masked Avengers: Clarified that you cannot take a Long Rest while in Costume, but that you can gain the benefits of a Long Rest via an Imbue or other Effect without needing to use Don the Mask a second time. Updated Mild Mannered Nature weapon style list to be: you may only wield a Handgun, a Long Claw, Long Claw/Ritual Knife (if you are an Occultist), or Long Claw/Short Claw.
  • Added Core Nature: Keep on Truckin’. All Hellcat Jive Characters, PC and NPC alike, are considered to be perpetually Concentrating--melee attacks do not disrupt ranged attacks.
  • Added Handgun/Long Claw as a weapon style to: Archaeologists, Detectives, and Operators.
  • Acid Flask: Text Added: the grant expires at Reset and cannot be stacked.